Will Martin and Stacey reunite following Kat’s ‘death’?

Will Martin and Stacey reunite following Kat’s ‘death’?

Martin steps in and supports Stacey following the news that Kat has ‘died’. Will they get back together?

Viewers will soon see the moment Stacey finds out that Kat has died but we already know that she’s very much alive!

Big Mo returns back to the Square to deliver the upsetting news that Kat has ‘died’ and the family start preparing Kat’s funeral soon after.

Stacey is struggling to deal with the news of her cousin’s passing and seeks help and support from Martin.

Once Martin hears the news, he’s quick to offer his support and even comes up with an idea to help the Slaters raise money for the funeral.

Initially, Stacey is furious with Martin’s interference and quickly throws him out the house, but she quickly relents as she soon realises he genuinely wants to help.

Stacey visits Martin to apologise and starts feeling emotional when he vows to be there for her.

Things are clearly getting too much for Stacey and he reaches out again.

Will this situation change things?



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