Tegan’s life will NEVER be the same again

Tegan’s life will NEVER be the same again

A lot of research has gone into the next stage for Tegan Lomax’s life.

Fans were left screaming at their televisions last night as viewers thought Tegan Lomax had been killed off by dodgy cop Ryan Knight.

Tegan found out that Ryan had actually killed Amy Barnes and threatened to go to the police, where Ryan stopped her in his tracks.


But it doesn’t look like Ryan Knight is going anywhere just yet as Jessica Ellis who plays Tegan Lomax spoke to the Radio Times and they asked if she could take Ryan down and revealed: “Absolutely! But this is Hollyoaks and obviously it won’t be that straightforward as the storyline develops.”

Hinting at what happens next for her character as events move forward, Jessica promised that things were going to be “life-changing”.

“What I will say is that a lot of research has gone into what happens to Tegan afterwards.

What does this mean for Tegan? Could life never be the same for her again?

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