Stephanie Davis for dramatic Hollyoaks return?

Stephanie Davis for dramatic Hollyoaks return?

Could Stephanie Davis be returning to Hollyoaks?

Stephanie Davis was axed from Hollyoaks a couple of years ago after turning up drunk on set, a move Hollyoaks bosses inevitably had to take.

But more recently the actress has spoke to live TV about her addiction and how she’s a changed woman.

Will Hollyoaks give the actress another chance?

The actress revealed that she’s filming again, but refused to reveal what she’s filming for.

The actress tweeted:  “Can’t wait to start filming.”

Obviously Stephanie could be filming for anything, but Hollyoaks fans are sure excited about a possible return.

Would you like to see Stephanie Davis, AKA Sinead O’Connor return to Hollyoaks?

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