Last updated: 08/09/2016

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Will Nico and Cameron get their comeuppance?

Nico's exit is rumoured to air in Autumn - but don't expect a quiet exit! Cameron's comeuppance is expected by Christmas as Courtney finds out his darkest secrets...

Is Warren Fox really a bad guy?

Short answer - yes. Long answer - No. Warren is a murderer, and he did kill his ex wife Louise Summers. But show bosses have promised that Warren won't just be a two dimensional character and his actions will all be justified. Let's wait and see.

What’s wrong with Nancy? Is she dying?

The actor Jessica Fox promised some of her most difficult scenes this Autumn. People have guessed she has Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson's disease and many other illnesses, but we predict she's got an anxiety disorder, due to the guilt of moving Patrick's body. Nothing is confirmed on this yet.

Are there any exits coming up, seeing as there’s so many new characters?

None are confirmed! But there will be a few leaving in the coming months. Many of the new characters such as Billy and Grace's mother are temporary characters and won't be replacing anyone. But October will be the yearly cull-cut.
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Has Kim been killed off?

No! Kim's still very much alive! But expect lots of twists and turns as the police turn up to The Osbornes with her clothes... burnt...

Can we trust Ryan? What’s his connection with Joel?

Ryan and Joel used to know each other. So far we know that Ryan helped Joel get away from a prison sentence to do with dealing drugs. But Ryan has a much more dodgy, dangerous past than Amy knows...
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What’s next for the McQueens?

Myra pretends she's having eight kids, Mercedes begs Joe to marry her, three new McQueens turn up and Diego marries Celine in a wedding scam!

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