Last updated – 18/09/17

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Amy’s killer revealed – NOT!

  •  Harry confesses to Tony that he killed Amy!
  • The trailer teases that Tony tells Ryan the news
  • Fans know that somebody else entered the room after Harry
  • Who really killed Amy?

Sienna and Grace VS Warren!

  • Sienna and Grace team up to take down Warren!
  • Grace tells Sienna the only way to protect themselves is to kill him!
  • Sienna continues to refuse treatment for her cancer
  • Warren finds out the girls are plotting against him and kidnaps Sienna
  • Sienna is locked away in the middle of nowhere ready to give birth
  • Will Warren kill her after?
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Glenn Donovan arrives!

  • Viewers recently saw Darcy get threatened by a ‘Mystery man’
  • The man has been revealed as Liam, Jesse and Adam’s father Glenn
  • Glenn will be a dangerous man and is set to cause trouble in the village
  • He is due to hit our screens in October

Bart’s body is dug up!

  • Bart’s body is set to get dug up in a new storyline!
  • It appears Amy’s grave is dug up for more evidence around her death!
  • How will the McQueens cope with yet another death?
  • Plus what does this mean for those involved – Warren, Sienna and Joel?
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Will Mac kill Neeta?

  • Mac has Neeta under his spell as he threatens to go to the police over her affair!
  • But Mac catches Neeta and Hunter kissing again!
  • Mac appears to hit Neeta in one scene as she holds her face
  • Mac burns the pictures of Neeta and Hunter – has he got murder on his mind?

Hollyoaks teens in big trouble!

  • Hollyoaks teens Lily Drinkwell, Peri Lomax and Yasmine Maalik appear in big trouble!
  • The girls promise each other that ‘no one can ever find out’
  • What exactly has happened and are the girls about to be part of a huge new storyline?
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Entrances and exits!

  • Sami and Imran Maalik arrive in Hollyoaks
  • Glenn Donovan the father of Liam, Jesse and Adam arrives as new villain
  • Darren Osborne will not be leaving the soap despite going to jail
  • Rumoured departure for Amy’s killer.
  • Lisa Loveday will temporarily leave
  • Mercedes and Goldie will return in 2018.

Other Spoilers

  • The secret behind Milo’s tattoo is revealed.
  • Cleo and Joel try for a baby!
  • Damon finds out Scott’s secret!
  • The Osbournes find themselves in more trouble.
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