Monday 11th December – Friday 15th December

Monday 11th December

Adam acts on impulse but what has he done? Also, there’s upsetting news for Moira and Lisa frets, but what over?

Tuesday 12th December

An exhausted Moira is pushed to the edge and Victoria races against time. Also, a specific text message is significant…

Wednesday 13th December

One resident is plagued with doubt, Moira meets a familiar face and someone makes a discovery. Read more

Monday 27th November – Friday 1st December

Monday 27th November

Rebecca is forced to make a confession. Bernice maintains a charade and Tom is being evasive, but why?

Tuesday 28th November

Lawrence faces a shocking truth, Bob plans a grand gesture and Diane’s left unimpressed!

Wednesday 29th November

Debbie’s left feeling confused, one resident plays peacemaker and Bernice starts to feel the pressure. Read more

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