Last updated: 8/9/16

You told us months ago that Chas and Cain’s mum was joining. Is this still happening?

Yes this is still happening. The new Corrie producer previously expressed his interest on filling in a few gaps where he thought new characters could be introduced. One of these gaps will be Cain and Chas's mum, Faith Dingle. Bosses have still not cast anyone to play Faith just yet but we are certain we will hear about it soon. She has been described as a “gin-fuelled whirlwind” and a “big, chaotic mess”.

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What do you think Pierce’s ulterior motive is? He’s clearly very controlling and isn’t interested in Rhona at all!

There could be a number of things happening at the moment. Pierce could just be trying to get back at Paddy for having an affair with Tessa, but recent episode have proven that Pierce is very controlling but always appears calm and collected. This has huge warning signs for me that a possible emotional abuse/physically abusive storyline could happen here.

How many more times is Lachlan going to get away with all this stuff!

I totally agree with you. Lachlan has already got away with sexual assault and attempted murder and various break ins. We have had a few comments on our page that Lachlan could end up assaulting Liv and that will be his downfall. We already know Chrissie will be sticking around for at least another year...will Lachlan?

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Can you tell us more about the upcoming Autumn ‘explosive storyline’?

All we can say is that there is an upcoming storyline to air over the Autumn. Danny Miller who plays Aaron Dingle has previously promised that there will be a 'high death toll' and even he is unsure whether his character will be safe! Danny said: “You can expect a huge, explosive and dramatic storyline coming up to Christmas. There’s going to be a high death toll – and the rest. It’s big but we want to keep you all guessing, it’s going to be a great week. There’s always that question that I might get killed off – there’s always different storylines and stuff going on that exposes us to that sort of thing but it depends.”

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