Last Updated – 30/05/2017

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Emma targets Moira!

-Ross has been forced to give up his share of the farm after stealing from Moira, Emma has vowed that this is not over and is preparing for Moira’s downfall.
-Emma has never liked Moira so it doesn't come as a shock that Emma is targeting her!
-But what exactly does Emma have in store for the farm owner?

Laurel will become Emma’s downfall

-Fans have been wondering whether the video recorded of Emma’s conversation with Ashley, in which she deliberately bewildered him to convince him that he didn’t see her on the bridge when James fell.
-The boss has now revealed that the footage will come back to haunt Emma!
-With Laurel set to watch all of Ashley's filmed tapes, how will she react when she finds Ashley in a distressing situation before he passed away?

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The Barton boys find out about Emma’s killer secret!

-Emmerdale star Joe Gill has promised an ‘explosive’ showdown when Emma Barton’s sons finally learn that she killed their dad James.
-He also revealed that his character Finn could be the one to spectacularly lash out by hinting that Finn’s own unstable nature could well lead to even more chaos
-He also said that the three boys will react in their own individual way.
-‘Ross and Pete are both bad boys, and more physical, but Finn is way more reserved. But he is the one with the Barton streak in him, he has shown signs that he is a little bit crazy too. When he finds out, he has got the capability of blowing up and going mental, it is going to be amazing television.’ he said.
-There is no timescale on when Emma may be outed as a killer – and whether she might have clocked up more victims before the truth does emerge...

Lachlan goes on a killer rampage?

-Rumours have been circulating that Lachlan will go on a killing spree through the village as a huge dramatic storyline is set to rip through the village, claiming many victims.
-There is absolutely no confirmation of the rumour at this stage – and with the alleged storyline said to be in the run up to Christmas, it would be a long way off, with many details likely not even in place.
-The storyline could see the death of Lachlan's grandfather Lawrence (who has quit the soap) and also the death of Emma Barton (who is also set to leave at the end of her contract).
-Do you think this is how both characters will leave?

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Emmerdale are casting a new hunk to shake up the Dingle family…

-Emmerdale will be introducing a new hunk to the village but we will have to wait until September to see who it is…
-Bosses are keeping a tight lip on the newcomers details or which members of the Dingle family he will be interacting most with.
-During a press conference this week, producer Iain MacLeod said: “There’s a big story that will be rooted in the Dingle family that will require a sexy young thing to appear, but I can’t say too much more.”
-He continued to say that the storyline will be kicking off in September and that it’s ‘a new sexy, brooding male lead.”
-The new arrival has not been cast yet but we are sure we will have more news on that when the actor is cast.
-MacLeod also hinted at other newcomers saying he wanted to introduce a villager who’d be covered head to toe in tattoos

Pete Barton to embark on saucy affair this summer…

-Emmerdale boss, Iain MacLeod, teased at a press day that the village would be rocked by "wild" affairs during the spring and summer months.
-He said: "There’s a love triangle that kicks off over the summer and it crash lands out of the blue and it’s two people that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought would embark on such a wild, crazy liaison."
-"Chalk and cheese doesn’t even cover it! What’s more unpalatable than chalk? It’s like rocks and Philadelphia soft cheese – that’s how separate they are. If you thought about the most ying and yang characters in the village, it would be them.''
-"There’s a big story coming up for Pete which will be sexy and fun.
"It plays to Anthony Quinlan’s strengths which is smouldering leading man but he can also do comedy.
"Pete’s got a hapless quality to him which I think is brilliant.
"He’s tough, an alpha male and a match for Ross physically but he’s also capable of being soft and silly."

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