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Can you tell me about what characters are leaving. There seems to a lot at the moment.

There has been a few characters who are leaving Walford and it due to a mixture of reasons. EE has a new producer who wants to put his own stamp on things which sadly includes letting go of some characters and introducing new ones.

Ronnie and Roxy will be leaving the show in a dramatic way and it looks like they will both be leaving together. This decision was partly done on both sides. We also have Masood Ahmed leaving but the door will be left open for his return. His exit storyline could include him going to see Nancy and Tamwar/travelling. Lee Carter, Buster Briggs, Les and Pam, Sonia Fowler and Linda Carter will be leaving too. Although, Sonia and Linda will be returning after maternity leave.


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Is Danny Dyer really leaving Eastenders?

Okay, this post got quite a bit of attention when we first posted it. A lot of people read the title but don't read the actual post so they get only half the story. As you already know, Kellie Bright who plays Linda Carter will be leaving the Square shortly due to her having a baby. There was speculation that Danny Dyer could be leaving with her. He retweeted a fans tweet who said ''Danny Dyer to leave Eastenders''. You can read the full story here.

Why did Eastenders let Dean Wicks walk free, how does that look to victims?!

We have had this question a lot. We already reported that only a small percentage of rape cases actually go to court and only a few are actually convicted. Soap writers worked very closely with rape crisis and other abuse charities to try and get the real picture of what happens. The sad case is, this is REAL life and many rapists do get off with it. The message Eastenders made was to report it straight away because that's the best way to get justice. 

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Why doesn’t Mark Fowler Jnr have an American accent if he grew up there?

As already discussed on our Facebook page, the answer to this question was already mentioned in Eastenders. The episode before Mark Jnr came into the show, Sharon said that Mark went to a British boarding school so he spent most his time in the UK rather than America.

How can I write to the cast and will I be able to get an autograph?

You can obtain signed photographs by writing individual letters to each actor who you'd like signed photographs of (you can put them all in one envelope to save on postage) and we will pass them on. Please note that the actors are responsible for answering their own fan mail and at busy times it may take them a while to respond to the huge volume of letters they receive.

The address to send the letters to is:

BBC Elstree Centre
Clarendon Road

There is no charge for signed autograph pictures.

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