Last Updated – 30/05/2017

The Murray’s are hiding a shock secret

-Viewers saw a new family arrive on the Square on Friday (26th May) and it's clear they're hiding a secret.
-Their first episode saw them bring a gun with them to their new home.
-Due to the demolition of the tower block they've lived in for 40 years, the council have rehoused them to Albert Square.
-Early signs they were carrying a dark secret came when Joyce spied a box Ted had brought from the old flat, and pointedly said they should 'keep the past in the past'.
-Dot Branning was once Ted and Joyce's neighbour in the tower block before she moved to the Square, and the Murrays talked about how their son Alan used to hang out with Dot's boy Nick when they were kids - is the unseen Alan Murray another nasty Nick Cotton?
-Have the Murray's used the gun before or is it for protection?

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A brand new family arrive in Walford!

-The Taylor’s are a family of five headed by a single mother called Karen. Karen is dubbed as a ‘loudmouth’ and will be joined with her 3 sons and a daughter.
-Danny Walters and Clair Norris will play Karen’s oldest children, Keanu and Bernadette, whilst real-life brothers Tom and Alfie Jacobs will play her youngest children, Riley and Chatham.
-Karen Taylor is played by Lorraine Stanley and if you think she looks rather familiar, it’s because she appeared on Eastenders last year! If you cast your minds back to last year, you will remember the storyline with a woman called Thelma who was the rival landlady of the Rat and Ferret. She was the mother of ‘Linzi’ Bragg and was the person who confronted Jai in the middle of the pub for dating her daughter whilst she was underage.
-Details have been released about what each child will be like. Keanu is the eldest child and he will be a charming lad who wants to protect his family and finds himself being the man of the house.
-Bernadette is the middle child who dreams of being famous and wants to do nothing but sit around the house.
-The two youngest children, Riley and Chatham have learning difficulties which proves a challenge for the boys and their mother.
-As well as the family and their pets, Karen also has another child called Chantelle who lives close by with her boyfriend and two children. It’s not clear whether they will be introduced into the show but we can be sure they will some time in the future.

Dean Gaffney returns as Robbie Jackson!

-Dean Gaffney is well known for playing Robbie Jackson, and it has now been revealed that he has reprised his role and will be on our screens in the coming weeks.
-Dean commented: ”I’m happy to announce that I am returning to Eastenders and can’t wait to be back working with such talented people.”
-In 2010, Robbie arrived back in the Square after leaving in 2003, he returned for Bianca’s wedding and arrived back again in 2015 to say goodbye to Carol.
-When Dean returned in 2015, he said he wanted a more permanent role and it looks like this is the case as it’s not been revealed whether this will be a short stint or permanent.

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Bex Fowler pregnant?

-The new Eastenders trailer saw us wondering whether Bex Fowler is pregnant or not?
-The footage showed the teen buying a home pregnancy kit, while a close-up later showed it to confirm a conception.
-The footage never actually showed Bex holding the test, it only implied it was her but it could actually be anyone.
-If Bex is not pregnant then it could see Tina falling pregnant with Woody's baby? We all know how Tina has expressed how much she doesn't want anymore children, so could it be her?
-Or it could even be Lauren. After all, Steven has been piercing condoms without her knowledge. This could also lead to a 'who's the daddy' storyline.
-If Bex is pregnant, then how will Martin react? We already see him fly off the handle at the fact she's slept with preston and Shakil so we know the reaction won't be good.

Mick, Linda and Whitney in three-hander episode…

-Mick, Linda and Whitney will feature in a three-hander episode.
-A three-hander episode features only three characters in the whole episode with no other character appearances.
-Viewers have recently seen Whitney crumble as she decided to 'leave' Walford following her kiss with Mick. So when Linda returns, there's no shortage of drama!
-EE boss Sean O’Connor stayed tight lipped over the nature and content of the episode, it seems likely that the spark between Mick and Whitney may play a part.
-Time will only tell whether or not Linda will find out about the kiss, but it's pretty obvious she will eventually...

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Dot suffers a terrible fall…

-Dot Cotton has left viewers concerned about her health for a while, after she appeared to be suffering with her eyesight.
-Things don't look good for Dot when she falls over in her house while alone.
-The trailer shows her fall as she’s carrying a tin, before crashing into a chair and hitting the floor.
-Dot is then seen laying motionless on the ground, with no one in sight.
-Towards the end of the short clip, Sonia Fowler, who is will be making a full return soon, is stood in an ambulance.
-Looking out onto the Square, the character looks scared.
-Will Dot survive?

Will Honey cheat on Billy?

-Viewers are speculating that Honey and Jack could embark on a secret affair.
-Fans know that Honey and Jack had chemistry between them in the past.
-With Honey helping Jack out a lot more with the custody battle and his grieving for Ronnie, could anything else happen between them?

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