Last updated: 8/9/16

You recently told us Brian Packham was returning to Corrie. How will he return?

Yes, Brian is returning to Corrie. The first sign was shown recently when Eileen received a phone call from her sister Julie, who revealed that she had split up with Brian. His return storyline will be that he returns to help Roy and Ken who are especially struggling with their upcoming problems. Viewers will see Brian back on our screens in November.

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Who else is returning to the cobbles and is anyone leaving?

Some of you may be pleased to know that Peter Barlow will be making a permanent return. He will be closely followed by Ken's son Daniel Osborne and grandson Adam Barlow. There's only a few people who are leaving and the more permanent one is Les Dennis (Michael). Brooke Vincent (Sophie) will be taking a break from the street for a bit to go and work on a theatre show, although it has been recently rumoured that she will be leaving permanently.

Who will be the one to catch Phelan out? I hate him…

There has been no news about Phelan being caught out or if he will anytime soon. Characters like Phelan always get caught out in the end but it's how long this will go on for that's the problem. He is currently trying to scam Eileen out of Jason's inheritance money, but he has a fight on his hands. Tim has started to see through him and so has Todd. Will any of them be the one to take him down?

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Can you tell me more about the upcoming explosion?

Corrie released a statement a while ago saying that a 'favourite' character will die in an terrifying 'explosion'. They are lining up a sensational stunt which will leave several Weatherfield residents fighting for their lives. While further story details are under wraps at this stage, the stunt is set to be total carnage and could be up there with some of the best scenes in Corrie history. It was also revealed that there will be a huge stunt in Autumn which will be caused by David's grief following Kylie's death. Whether the two are related is unclear.


When will Michelle learn about Leanne and Steve’s one-night stand?

It has been said that this storyline won't be revealed until at least christmas and possibly going into new year! Some theories have been floating around that suggest Michelle could sadly lose her baby and this will end up resulting in Steve and Liz wanting something to do with Leanne's baby. Obviously this is just rumours and has no way been confirmed.

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