Last updated – 30/05/2017

Chesney will be brutally stabbed!

-News has recently been circulating that Chesney will be brutally stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle as thugs barge their way into the Bistro!
-As Chesney is left to bleed out on the floor, Adam, Daniel and Michelle quickly see the incident and rush to help.
-A screaming Michelle will attempt to help Chesney as he slips in and out of consciousness. Viewers will be left guessing whether Chesney will actually survive or not.
-Sam Aston who plays Chesney says: “They smash up the place and then Chesney gets in the way. One stabs him in the neck with a broken bottle. Michelle is seen screaming while Daniel and Adam rush to Chesney’s side, trying to keep him awake.
-“But he is slipping in and out of consciousness. And the big cliffhanger will be whether he survives the attack or not.”

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Nick Tilsley leaves the street!

-Ben Price has played Nick since 2009, will exit in an explosive storyline in early summer.
-Bosses are keeping details of Nick’s exit plot including whether or not he is being killed off.
-However, some details have been leaked about his exit week stating that he will be involved in a possible drowning storyline that will see him being killed off.
-Details reveal that Nick’s final scenes see him struggling to stay above quicksand as he starts drowning at the beach
-Leanne is determined to restore peace between everyone and she, Nick, Peter, Toyah, Steve, Simon and Oliver all head for a day at the beach at Nick’s suggestion.
-However, it doesn't take long before everyone starts arguing as Nick squares up to Peter telling him that he knows Leanne lied for him because he saw him the night Ken was attacked.
-Little does Nick know, Leanne is actually listening to every word and she can't believe he could be so cruel and to withheld crucial evidence that could've cleared his name.
-Telling Nick that he is the problem, not Steve or Peter, she declares the relationship over and Nick is crushed. As Leanne and Toyah head off, Nick is left with Steve and Peter, who tell him to do everyone a favour and just walk into the sea before they disappear too.
-But disaster is about to strike as Nick walks along the beach and finds himself sucked into quicksand. As he struggles for life and screams for help, will anyone reach him in time or is he set to die after pushing away everyone?

Simon Delaney joins Corrie

-Simon Delaney is best known for his role as Tom Crewes in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie and has also appeared in Trollied, The Good Wife and The Fall.
-Tabloid reports have suggested he will play an irishman and has already started filming his scenes which will air in June.
-It’s not clear who Simon will play or how many episodes he will be in at this time.
-With so many twists and turns in Corrie’s storylines at the moment, it’s hard to tell who he could play.

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Daniel takes an overdose

-It has been reported that Daniel will turn to ‘recreational’ drugs to help cope with his troubles. This will lead to him left fighting for his life after he overdoses in some dark scenes yet to air.
-It has also been reported that his overdose may not be done purposely but was actually done accidentally, whereas other reports claim that Daniel will purposely overdose to try and kill himself.
-With it now confirmed that Daniel was the one who attacked Ken, is this how he will try and numb the pain and forget about it?

Carla Connor rumoured to return!

-According to recent tabloid reports, Carla Connor could be back on our screens by the end of this year!
-The Sun recently posted an article claiming they’ve had information from an unknown source saying Alison King will be back in the role as Carla Connor by the end of the year.
-Alison King left the cobbles almost a year ago after splitting with Nick after it was revealed she slept with Robert.
-ITV have given a statement saying the story was merely speculation but they did not deny it.
-Alison said when she left last year: “I would never ever say never, and I just love that the door has been left open for her. It is really nice that the characters who have such a history on the street are able to go back.
-“Of course, they are my family. I love them and I love working with them but at the moment, I’m just going to take a different direction for a while.”
-Would you like to see Carla return?

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Corrie are introducing new characters!

-Corrie are bringing in a heap of new characters to add to the family tree of two residents!
-Corrie’s cast is about to get a whole lot bigger as they’re set to introduce two new families.
-Evil villain Pat Phelan will find out he has a daughter called Nicola, she will unexpectedly arrive on the street to add even more drama to his life.
-Fans will be left wondering whether him finding out he has a daughter could actually change the way he is (we doubt it).
-But Pat’s new daughter will not be the only family member arriving for Phelan, he will also discover he’s a grandfather as Nicola arrives with her son in tow.
-The second Corrie resident to spend more time with family is Mary!
-Much to the delight of Corrie fans, Mary recently came into contact with her long-lost son who was more than happy to reconcile their relationship and begin bonding as mother and son.
-But it has now been revealed that Mary’s son will become a regular on the show and his family will also be joining him.
-The new additions have been brought in to help fill in the extra weekly episode that will begin to air towards the end of this year.

Denise Osbourne set to return!

-We all knew this was coming, we were just simply waiting for confirmation!
-Some viewers may know that Denise Black played Denise Osbourne is Corrie back in 90’s. If you weren’t watching back then, you may remember her from 2007 when she shortly reprised her role.
-Denise Osbourne is the mother of Daniel Osbourne and she’s been mentioned numerous times since his return.
-With Denise Black recently leaving Emmerdale, we could only hope for a return to the cobbles. And it seems that is exactly what we’re going to get as she’s been spotted filming on location!
-Upon Daniel’s arrival, he has claimed that Denise walked out on him as a child and was soon being questioned over her disappearance.
-Denise Black has been spotted filming with Bill Roache in a flat in Davyhulme, Manchester.
-So it looks like she’s back to face the music, could she have been the one to push Ken (doubtful), but we can only expect an explosive return…

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Billy and Todd will adopt Summer

-Billy and Todd will adopt Summer after all.
-Fans know that Billy's ex Drew, recently told him about his drying wish for him to take care of Summer when he's gone.
-But with Drew passing away in upcoming scenes, Billy and Todd are still up in awe about the whole situation, but it seems they will come to a decision.
-Todd always said that Billy must choose between Summer and himself, will Todd stand by Billy?
-Kate Oates (producer) also said she wanted to explore Billy's background a bit more as it's not as straightforward as we first thought.