Want to know when a character is leaving your soap? Heard of an arrival of a character but don't know when their first episode is aired? Here is the place to be! We will try and be as precise as possible and let you know about all the cast changes, this includes characters leaving, returning or new characters.

Last Updated: 21/03/18

HollyoaksGoldie McQueenReturningFebruaryFull Story!
HollyoaksLisa LovedayReturning2018Full Story!
HollyoaksMercedes McQueenReturning2018Full Story!
HollyoaksRyan KnightDepartingTBCFull Story!
EmmerdaleAdam BartonDeparting2018Full Story!
EmmerdaleChas DingleReturning2017
EastendersKandice TaylorArrivingDecemberFull Story!
EastendersWoodyReturningSpringFull Story!
CorrieEva PriceDepartingSummer '18
CorrieAidan ConnorDepartingSpring 2018Full Story!
EastendersHunter OwenArrviving Spring
EastendersKat MoonReturningSpringFull Story!
EastendersJean SlaterReturningSpringFull Story!
CorrieLee MayhewReturningSpring
CorrieSteph BrittonReturningSpring
CorrieRosie WebsterDeparting2018
CorrieRosie WebsterReturning2019
EastendersRainne CrossReturningSpring '18Full Story!
EastendersMitch BakerArrivingMarch
EastendersWoodyPerm DepartingSummerFull Story!
EastendersVincent HubbardDepartingSummerFull Story!
CorriePat PhelanDeparting2018
HollyoaksScarlett MorganReturningLate 2018
HollyoaksPeri LomaxReturningSpring '18
HollyoaksLuke MorganDepartingAutumn '18Full Story!
EastendersMichelle FowlerDepartingSummer '18Full Story!