Shane Richie talks Eastenders return!

Shane Richie talks Eastenders return!

It’s looking very likely now!

Shane Richie who played the popular Alfie Moon in Eastenders has once again hinted that he’s close to returning to the show.

Fans of the soap have been eager for Alfie to make a comeback ever since he was last seen on the spinoff Redwater which saw Alfie Moon fighting for his life.

The actor spoke to The Express and revealed that he’s ready to go back to the soap

“My wife wants me to get back to work,”

“She’s desperate for me to do [EastEnders] – so I will.

“I’ve had two years off and I think that was enough for me. I’m ready to go back if they’ll have me. It’s the best gig on TV.”

Alfie Moon in Kat and Alfie: Redwater

For some strange reason we do think that the soap will want him back – leaving fans full of excitement.

With Kat Moon returning to the soap any day now, we are just waiting for the news on Alfie’s return.

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