Is this the reason behind Ryan’s upcoming return?

Is this the reason behind Ryan’s upcoming return?

Have Hollyoaks just revealed the potential reason by Ryan Knight’s upcoming return?

Since finding out that Kim knows his killer secret, Ryan locked her in the school and has since done a disappearing act.

However, viewers will start to see Leah playing up whilst Ryan’s been gone and soon becomes a cause of concern for Ste.

Fans will see Leah refusing to go to school and when Ste tries to put his foot down and discipline her, she rebels and threatens to tell everyone about his affair with Ryan unless Ste backs off.

Ste is clearly unhappy with Leah’s recent change in behaviour and seeks DS Thorpe’s help in getting her back in line.

DS Thorpe calls Leah down to the station in the hope his telling off will scare her. But his stern words only gives the youngster food for thought.

Leah is prepared to stoop low to get what she wants and she starts to pretend to be sick in the hope that her ”illness” will bring Ryan back.

Will it work?

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