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Point break movie for remake

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The first sneak peak to the upcoming Point Break reboot has been released.

Show bosses have promised some nail biting scenes and some dramatic action.

Movie stars Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves previously played the roles of Bodhi and GI Joe, but this time the film will feature Luke Bracey and Johnny Utah

We don’t want to spoil the story for you, but you can see a sneak peak below. Read more

Sharon Finds Biological Father?

Following the revelation that Vincent is now the owner of The Albert, a angry Sharon warns Phil that as soon as she finds her birth father, their marriage is over!

Her wish could be granted sooner than she thinks when Phil hands her a piece of paper telling her that he has found her dad and drives her to the address where she prepares to face her past. Read more

Twin Peaks to return!

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Yes, you heard right! Twin peaks is set to return for 18 brand new episodes!

The show is set to have new music from long-time David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti.

The show’s revival is expected to return in 2016 which would have been 25 years since the series ended back in 1991. Read more

Cindy gives the Beale’s an ultimatum!

Cindy Williams gives Jane and Ian an ultimatum next week after she changes her mind about letting them adopt Beth.
Cindy becomes more and more unsure over Beth’s future and decides to come clean when Carol encourages her to make a decision.When a worried Jane breaks the news to Ian about Cindy’s change of heart, a furious Ian causes a huge argument with Cindy. Read more

Sinead and Ste fall out!

Sinead O’Connor will have a huge argument with Ste when she worries that he might get back with husband John Paul!
Ste recently split up with estranged husband John Paul but that wont stop Sinead’s concerns growing when she believes that they are getting closer again! Read more

Jason to be tempted!

Scenes to be aired next week will show Cindy flirt with Jason again! Will he give into temptation?
Jason Roscoe will be tempted to betray Holly again next week when Cindy starts to flirt with him!

Viewers know that Cindy and Jason have already shared a kiss with each other before Cindy got married to Dirk!

Read more

Family guy moving to ITV2!

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The popular cartoon will be moving to ITV2 in the Autumn of 2015!
ITV have confirmed that the popular cartoon Tv show created by Seth MacFarlane will premiere new episodes exclusively on the ITV channel in a multi-year deal. It begins with its upcoming 15th season! Read more

Eastenders Spoilers 1-5th June

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Read day to day episode guides for week commencing 1st June – 5th June!
Monday 1st June

Les and Pam have big plans to celebrate the funeral parlour’s centenary and want to invite their grandson, Paul Coker. However, they are unaware that he is already in Walford.

Read more
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