New romance for Simone and Shane?

New romance for Simone and Shane?

Sparks begin to fly between Shane and Simone, could this be the start of a new romance?

Simone’s love life has not exactly been great recently but things could change as future scenes will see Shane and Simone being brought together during an unexpected circumstance.

It begins when Shane offers to help fix Simone’s washing machine but he gets the feeling she doesn’t trust him.

Shane storms off and swipes a spare set of keys before he leaves. Later, he returns to the flat with Hunter and the father and son settle down to watch football in her home!

However, Shane accidentally spills beer on her speakers just as she returns home and catches them.

Simone is furious with the two guys and draws up a list on ways they can repay her.

Shane refuses to do any of the chores she set him but things seem to have been forgotten later on when they share moment.

There’s clear chemistry between them but could this really lead to a romance?

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