Keanu punches newcomer Mitch!

Keanu punches newcomer Mitch!

There’s an angry showdown between Keanu and Mitch next week…

We previously revealed that Roger Griffiths had been cast in the role of Mitch, who is Keegan’s biological father.

Mitch’s first scenes will occur at The Arches where Keanu has just started working as a new mechanic!

Understandably, Keanu is not happy to see Mitch but quickly tries to fix his car so he can soon shoot off again. However, he soon messes up by forgetting to take payment for the job.

Later, Mitch tries doing the right thing by turning up at the Taylor house and tries to hand over the cash. Keanu quickly panics and tries to get Mitch to leave before the rest of the family notice.

However, Mitch refuses to go and Keanu loses patience by punching him. Unfortunately for Keanu, this is certainly a case of bad timing as Keegan and Karen come outside to find the two guys in a fight.

Will Keegan’s dad bring trouble to their door?

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