Hollyoaks: real-life soap relationships!

1. Alfie Browne-Sykes and Amanda Clapham ( Jason Roscoe and Holly Cunningham)

Hollyoaks teens Jason and Holly quickly became a couple on the soap, but it wasn't long before romantic feelings started to develop in their own personal lives. They were recently asked whether things would get awkward for the couple as bosses threw Holly and Robbie together.

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10 child soap stars – what they look like now!

1. Charlie Jones/Ben Mitchell (Eastenders)

Charlie played Ben Mitchell in Eastenders from 2006-2010. He has since been replaced by multiple other Ben Mitchell's. Charlie is now 19 years old and is still acting!

2. Melissa Suffield/Lucy Beale (Eastenders)

Melissa played Lucy Beale in Eastenders from 2004-2010.

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Famous real-life soap relatives!

1. Debbie Rush/Will Rush/Poppy Rush

This well talented family have popped up across most soaps. Debbie Rush is the mother of Will and Poppy. Debbie currently plays Anna Windass in Corrie and Poppy recently played a little part in Eastenders. Debbie’s son Will also appeared in Corrie in 2014 but he is most known as his role as Josh Stevenson in the hit TV show Waterloo Road! Read more