Hollyoaks: Will Nico kill again?

Hollyoaks: Will Nico kill again?

Hollyoaks Nico makes more sinister plans.

Hollyoaks Nico Blake has returned to Hollyoaks and has since been hiding out in Sienna’s flat, but the troubled teenager has plans to escape.

Nico has already invited herself to Peri and Harleys house party, with an attempt to take her revenge on the girls as Peri has soon forgotten about her ex best friend.

Sienna has made plans with Nico to sell the flat and make a fresh start together without Warren Fox finding out.

Sienna Blake teaches Nico how to knit in Hollyoaks


With Nico Blake heavily pregnant, it won’t be long until the pairs secret is out in the open, but how long can Sienna keep Nico in hiding?

By the looks of it Nico doesn’t want to be kept in hiding and Sienna makes a error of judgement as she begins to teach her troubled daughter how to knit.

The knitting needles soon come into handy later on for Nico as she manages to use them to break out of her locked bedroom.

What exactly does Nico have planned?

Should we be worried about some of our Hollyoaks favourites?


Sienna Blake teaches Nico how to knit in Hollyoaks
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