Hollyoaks return for Nico Blake?

Hollyoaks return for Nico Blake?

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Could the dangerous Nico Blake be making a dramatic return?

It looks like Nico Blake could be returning to the soap as Sienna’s mystery texter.

Sienna believes that Warren Fox has returned with Sophie, but viewers know that Warren has nothing to do with the texting as the man who broke into Sienna’s flat stated that he saw “no sign of that Warren bloke.”

But the evidence is quickly piling up that Nico Blake could be returning.

Nico’s body was never found when she apparently burnt to death in the maze fire.

But with Sienna repeatedly asking for her only daughter Sophie, viewers who watched the soap when Nico was around will remember that Nico’s real name was actually Sophie.

The only thing that made us think it couldn’t of been Nico was that she didn’t drive, but the dodgy driving certainly threw us of that one.

Plus who knows – a lot can happen in a few years!

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