Hollyoaks episode guides Mon 15th January – Friday 19th January

Hollyoaks episode guides Mon 15th January – Friday 19th January

Jesse is in big trouble and Mandy has a meltdown…

Monday 15th January

Grace employs Jesse as a delivery driver, unaware of what Shane and Glenn have planned… Elsewhere Scott begs Damon to support Maggie. Elsewhere in the village Peri tells Courtney to stand up to her mother.

Tuesday 16th January

Jesse is arrested after delivering drugs – although he wasn’t aware he was doing it! Elsewhere Scott finally learns the truth to why Maggie gave him up.

Wednesday 17th January

Luke follows up a lead on his wife Scarlett. Elsewhere Granny Campbell has plans to take away baby Iona from Courtney. Meanwhile Nancy finds out that Darren robbed the Loft.

Thursday 18th January

Luke sabotages Mandy’s wedding dress in a desperate attempt to postpone the wedding. Elsewhere Tony’s inherent cash comes through, will he buy the restaurant from Marnie?

Friday 19th January

Social services meet Mandy and plan a return home for Ella, but the desperate mother breaks down. Elsewhere could love be in the air for Simone and Shane?



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