Hollyoaks episode guide: Mon 12th – 16th March

Hollyoaks episode guide: Mon 12th – 16th March

Sienna’s lies spiral out of control and Darcy continues her dark plan…

Monday 12th March

Sienna’s lies continue to spiral out of control, but in a shocking twist an intruder has entered her flat. Has Warren ‘really’ come back? Elsewhere Marnie’s full of excitement to see Buster back in the village. Meanwhile Kyle and Sami continue their plans against James Nightingale.

Tuesday 13th March

Ellie finds out about Sami’s scheming ways, meanwhile James and Kyle share a kiss! Meanwhile Sienna is told that her cancer might have returned…

Wednesday 14th March

Sienna returns from the hospital with good news – her cancer hasn’t returned! But she tells Joel that her cancer is back and worse than ever! Elsewhere in the village Nancy asks for advice in the bedroom from a jealous Mandy… Meanwhile Sami and Kyle’s plan continues as Kyle moves into James’ flat.

Thursday 15th March

Joel heads to the hospital to talk about Sienna’s cancer – will he find out the truth before the lie has begun? Elsewhere Buster helps out newcomer Ollie.

Friday 16th March

Tom lends Cindy more money – but will he realise she stole it in the first place? Elsewhere Jack and Darcy announce they are a couple and the Osborne family aren’t impressed.

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