Eastenders episode guides: Mon 15th – Fri 19th January

Eastenders episode guides: Mon 15th – Fri 19th January

Tiffany’s almost run over and Abi’s life machine is turned off…

Monday 15th January

Max is left desperate trying to save his daughter Abi, but time is running out. Elsewhere Tiffany’s is left shocked after almost being run over. Meanwhile Masood tries his luck at getting a job at The Vic.

Tuesday 16th January

Max continues to try and save Abi, feeling guilty and desperate. What measures will he go to, to save his daughter? Elsewhere Dot decides to help Karen in the launderette.

Thursday 18th January

Max builds a cot for Abi’s daughter, but his guilt and grief lead to him destroying it. But Max breaks down after Lauren tells him to come to the hospital. Meanwhile Masood’s job at the Vic is short lived as he loses his job.

Friday 19th January

Tiffany finds herself in a deadly situation. Elsewhere at the hospital the Branning’s have to turn off Abi’s life support machine. Will the Branning’s find the courage to say goodbye?



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