David Emanuel – Say yes to the dress!

David Emanuel – Say yes to the dress!

Calling all fashionista’s, David Emanuel hosts new show ‘Say yes to the dress,’ working with brides to be help them find the perfect wedding gown a princess would be proud of on TLC channel on Friday’s 9pm

By Kirsty Kent

David Emanuel became a household name when he designed the Wedding dress for the late Princess Diana of wales then Lady Diana Spencer. So, how did the show come about for the former royal fashion designer and I am a celebrity contestant and what can viewers expect from the new show.

“TLC(TV, channel) got in touch, I was already a fan of the show, on say yes to the dress UK I get to work with a lot of different brides (each with their own stories and ideas) and the team of confetti and lace (where the show is filmed) I knew it would be a challenge and fun. I said yes right away.”

“A bride comes into the store; she needs advice on the right dress for her big day. My job is to help her find the gown of his dreams. “But things are never that simple, very rarely does a bride come without family or friends and this is where different opinions can make a bride doubt her choice or need that extra bit of advice. “My job is to make sure she get the star treatment and feels great in her dress, it has to be right for her.” “A mixture of fun and tears.”


As we join, David Emanuel on his quest to find the brides to be their perfect dress, what fashion advice does David Swear by and how do you find the perfect dress.

“Go shopping with an open mind; you must try on the clothes because what sometimes look great on a hanger doesn’t look great on you and vice-versa.” “Be realistic and objective about your size/body shape and your budget.” “Each bride knows when she has found the perfect dress because it makes her feel on top of the world. “After David finishes his latest fashion mission, does the fashion legend have any projects in the pipeline and what it was like to work with a royal bride?

“Diana was tall, slim and very beautiful and what was wonderful, there was no fanfare, just myself, my ex-wife Elizabeth and Diana and we worked it out from there.” “She was just a dream client, what more could you ask for?


“After my filming of say yes to the dress, I intend to slip into a holiday somewhere and get back to the real day job, with knowing the excitement of a possible future in Australia could be about to happen.”


‘Say Yes to the dress UK airs’ on Friday’s on TLC Channel at 9pm

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