Damon proposes to Holly next week!

Damon proposes to Holly next week!

Damon decides to pop the question to girlfriend Holly. Will she say yes?

Viewers know that Damon’s mum Maggie passed away last month and he has since had the difficult task of sorting through her belongings.

Scott and Damon begin sorting through her possessions and soon come across her engagement ring and letter detailing her inheritance.

Brody later reveals that Maggie left them £20k for himself, Scott and Damon, leading the boys to wonder how they could spend the money…

Damon and Brody discuss opening a bar in New York, however, Scott suggests that both the money and the engagement ring could be put to better use.

A conflict in decisions lead to Damon wondering if he should propose or not. However, upon hearing his original plan of opening a bar in New York she has a decision of her own…

Holly plans to leave Damon after the funeral as she is furious with Damon for planning to leave Chester without her!

Damon finally comes to a final decision and puts his plan into action. He places the ring in a sausage roll hoping Holly will find it.

Will it all go as planned?

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