Adam threatens Zack, But why??

Someone was snooping around Glenn’s yard last night (Wednesday) as Adam & Glenn try to work out who the culprit was they both spot Zack acting strange, both Adam & Glenn confront Zack and warn him to keep his mouth shut, whilst back at his house Zack finds a note saying ‘Haircut 3pm with Adam’

with this pointing to the fact that Adam has been in his house he goes to the appointment where Adam threatens him..

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Cleo has finally had enough of Sienna

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Everyone is having fun and in good spirits in the dog pub, whilst everyone thinks Myra and Goldie are starting to behave by not drinking they are both sneakily pouring spirits from a hip flask into there drinks.

Much later on whilst all still having fun Sienna is then brought into a conversation and whilst Joel and Myra discuss how she’s had a rough time of late and deserves a break, this however hits a nerve with Cleo and she finally demands that people need to stop feeling sorry for the ‘girl’ who tried and nearly did ruin her relationship with Joel. Read more

Countdown finally hits zero…..

As Sienna’s anxiety gets worse by the second and she’s already got a list of potential stalkers who live in the village, with Grace trying to keep her calm Sienna is having non of it and heads too the bean, whilst there she spots Darren and starts to convince herself that he is her stalker. Read more

Joel and Cleo run into more drama….

Joel and Cleo run into more drama….

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As we are all aware Cleo has an eating disorder, now it seems Joel is ‘keeping’ tabs on her eating by making a diary of what she eats this however is found by obviously Cleo which then results in a full blown argument where Joel then decides to go drown his sorrows at the dog pub, after a heart to heart with James, Joel realises he’s been in the wrong. Read more