Soap Overdose started as a small group on bebo under the name of Hollyoaks Overdose. We started giving many spoilers back in 2008 and gradually the fan base got bigger and bigger. Before we knew it we had hit over 10,000 fans. Our famous ‘Big Blog’ had many Hollyoaks fans talking about us across the web.

Things then went wrong when bebo went under and we lost our bebo group and had to start back with zero fans. So we decided to locate to Facebook in the hope that our fans would find us again… and they did!

When we realized how loyal our fans where we decided to put a lot of time and attention into giving our fans the greatest spoilers. But that just wasn’t enough. Our fans wanted spoilers for all of the soaps, not just Hollyoaks, but Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

And that’s how we come to make this site in 2015! It’s because of you guys who are reading this!

Our Hollyoaks Overdose page is the biggest fan page on facebook for Hollyoaks as of now (26/06/17) with a staggering 91,000 likes! This has taken us years to achieve this but every fan really does mean something to us. It’s all thanks to you guys sharing our statuses and tagging your friends and even talking about us in class that makes people know who we are, so thank you.

Running spoilers for all soaps and TV is a very hard job when there’s not many of us on board! We are always looking for help from people willing to help us update the facebook page or this website. Please refer here to contact us. We don’t make any money, we only do this for fun and to give everyone those juicy spoilers!

Thanks, Scott – Founder of EntertainmentOverdose.

Meet the team!

Scott Turvey

Founder, editor and manager of the Overdose team.

Basically, the face of the Overdose team. Created Hollyoaks Overdose back in the Bebo days. What’s bebo you ask? I’m feeling old.

Rebecca Henson

Deputy editor and manager of EntertainmentOverdose.

Let’s put it this way, if we didn’t have Rebecca on our team, we wouldn’t be standing here today… Rebecca’s always on the ball delivering the top soap gossip when needed.

Paige Wistow

Social media manager of the Overdose pages.

Paige is always on the ball to respond to Facebook messages and reply to Tweet’s! Paige always manages to surprise us with naughty cast images. Where does she get them you ask? That’s what we’re wondering…

Kirsty Kent

Kirsty is our newbie on EntertainmentOverdose but an important member of the site. Kirsty is on the mission to get exclusive content and give us all the great gossip – soap and non soap related.

Fancy joining the team?

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a writer for our site? We are always willing to give people a chance to join our team. If your interested, (you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise) click here, or here, to contact us.